> California Dreamy


The things I’ve seen….

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> Northern California Wedding

> Holly & Tony are two of the most adorable, genuine, kind-hearted people I have ever met. So when they asked if I’d be willing to possibly come out to California to shoot their wedding, there was zero hesitation on my end. “I mean, I guess I could do that….YES!” Their ceremony & reception took place under tall redwoods and twinkly stringed lights. California dreamy. Holly and Tony Previews-1 Holly and Tony Previews-2 Holly and Tony Previews-3 Holly and Tony Previews-4 Holly and Tony Previews-5 Holly and Tony Previews-6 Holly and Tony Previews-7 Holly and Tony Previews-8 Holly and Tony Previews-9 Holly and Tony Previews-10 Holly and Tony Previews-11 Holly and Tony Previews-12 Holly and Tony Previews-13 Holly and Tony Previews-14 Holly and Tony Previews-15

> A Ghost Town and a Hike


Road trips are great. And it’s easy to find some awesome places around Colorado without traveling too far. This weekend was proof that sometimes it is worth pulling off to see what that “Point of Interest” sign is all about. Exploring the remains of Independence, CO circa 1879 is by far one of the coolest side trips we discovered. So many questions, so much wonder created by this once thriving site. And, of course, some awesome images, too!

GhostTown-3 GhostTown-5 GhostTown-1 GhostTown-2 GhostTown-4 GhostTown-6

After a couple more stops along the road we made it to the Hanging Lake trail in Glenwood Springs. I gladly welcomed the motivation from strangers on the way up as they were coming back down: “You’re almost there” and “It’s worth it!!” A rough hike up, but it truly was worth it, and then some. Beautiful turquoise water, gorgeous afternoon light in the canyon, not to mention that small sense of accomplishment for simply placing one foot in front of the other and climbing up the pile of rocks!

HangingLake-1 HangingLake-5 HangingLake-2 HangingLake-3 HangingLake-4

Here’s to the next adventure!


> A look Back at 2013


One of my most favorite parts about shooting weddings is the travel. I’ve been to so many places I probably wouldn’t have gone had I not shot a wedding there. There’s nothing like an absolutely, positively, awesomely amazing wedding venue! One that lends itself well to a ton of photos in a contained space; one that has great light inside or out; one that has breathtaking mountain views; one that is worth the drive, no matter how long or hard it is. These are the places I’ve been so lucky to see this summer.


Chatfield Botanic Gardens. {see more from this wedding here.}


YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, mountain top. {see more from this wedding here.}


Twin Peaks Golf Course {see more from this wedding here.}


Main Street Station in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


Copper Creek Golf Course, Copper Mountain {see more from this wedding here}


Aloft at V3 Ranch in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


Ski Cooper {see more from this wedding here}


St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder {see more from this wedding here}


Piney River Ranch {see more from this wedding here}


The Maggie at the Base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


The Four Seasons in Denver {see more from this wedding here}


The Lodge and Spa at Breck {see more from this wedding here}


Private Ranch in Livermore {see more from this wedding here}


Abiding Hope Church in Littleton {see more from this wedding here}


Wild Horse Inn, Tabernash {see more from this wedding here}


BlueSky in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


The Whitmoor Golf Club (in St. Louis, MO) {see more images here}


The Western Riviera at Grand Lake {see more images from this wedding here}

> An Apple-Picking Adventure at Eckert’s


At 19 months, learning to pick apples is awe-inspiring. I had SO much fun following Jack around at Eckert’s Family Farm, on one of the best October Fall days in St. Louis.

Jack-2 Jack-4 Jack-5 Jack-6 Jack-7 Jack-8 Jack-9 Jack-10 Jack-11 Jack-14 Jack-15 Jack-16 Jack-17 Jack-18 Jack-19

> Santa’s Little Helper


I feel so, so, SO lucky to have been able to make it home for the holidays again. I couldn’t put my camera down all Christmas Eve; Santa’s Little Helper was having so much fun with his first Christmas! He got his first real children’s book (Pat, the Bunny), he pulled himself up to stand again, he played all evening with kitchen utensils (future chef?) and got his first present from the aunt who will spoil him rotten, guaranteed.

Jack.Xmas.2012-1 Jack.Xmas.2012-2 Jack.Xmas.2012-3 Jack.Xmas.2012-4 Jack.Xmas.2012-5 Jack.Xmas.2012-6 Jack.Xmas.2012-7 Jack.Xmas.2012-8 Jack.Xmas.2012-9 Jack.Xmas.2012-11Jack.Xmas.2012-10

> Making Moves


The Gateway Gallery in Clayton has a new member. He’s a pretty cool guy; he takes some darn good photos, too. I even had the chance to be at the gallery with him while in St. Louis this December. See him below – it’s my dad! Owner of CAVU Photo, LLC, he has shown his work in a few art festivals and now has a gallery wall all to himself to display his images. What an inspiration for another emerging photographer – way to go, Dad!