> Helena & Dave: A Copper Mountain Wedding


Copper Mountain Resort has never been so filled with love as it was the day Helena and Dave tied the knot at the Copper Creek Golf Course this June. Between the two of them and their friends and family, the smiles and laughter were contagious and the photo ops plentiful.

HelenaDave-14 HelenaDave-12 HelenaDave-1 HelenaDave-20 HelenaDave-13 HelenaDave-2

The couple got dressed ready in Copper Station but didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony.

HelenaDave-17 HelenaDave-16 HelenaDave-10 HelenaDave-4 HelenaDave-22

Helena exchanged vows and rings with Dave at the Copper Creek Vista, at bottom of the Super Bee in East Village, below the very runs she used to race down when she was younger. Behind them is the hole one tee box at Copper Creek Golf Course.

HelenaDave-21 HelenaDave-23 HelenaDave-5 HelenaDave-24 HelenaDave-25 HelenaDave-26 HelenaDave-27 HelenaDave-9 HelenaDave-28 HelenaDave-29 HelenaDave-18 HelenaDave-32 HelenaDave-6 HelenaDave-30 HelenaDave-31 HelenaDave-11

Cocktails and dinner followed in Grand Hall at Copper Station, right next to the ceremony site. Dinner was served and toasts were given between courses. Helena even surprised Dave with exactly what he had been looking for – the kids meal with mac ‘n cheese! After he finished his real “grown up” meal, the couple cut their cake, topped with two moose.

HelenaDave-15 HelenaDave-34


HelenaDave-10B HelenaDave-33 HelenaDave-40 HelenaDave-36 HelenaDave-3 HelenaDave-8 HelenaDave-37

The rain came and went (after the ceremony, thankfully!), cooling off the evening air and creating the perfect mountain backdrop after dinner.

HelenaDave-42 HelenaDave-38 HelenaDave-39 HelenaDave-43 HelenaDave-44 HelenaDave-45 HelenaDave-46 HelenaDave-7

Thank you Helena & Dave for including me in one of the most memorable days of your lives. When the setting is gorgeous and the people are beautiful inside and out, my job sure doesn’t seem like hard work! Congratulations, Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy!


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