> Melissa & Nolan


After an extended pattern of snow storms in late April, Mother Nature finally decided to turn on the sun (and the warmth!) for Melissa & Nolan’s Big Day. They exchanged vows at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield – one of my most favorite little venues to shoot at. The two could hardly wait for the day to come, and after looking through their photos it’s clear they were nothing but excited to make it official.

Hanson-9 Hanson-10 Hanson-11 Hanson-4 Hanson-6 Hanson-5 Hanson-15 Hanson-14 Hanson-16 Hanson-17 Hanson-18 Hanson-3 Hanson-19 Hanson-13 Hanson-12 Hanson-20 Hanson-21 Hanson-24 Hanson-22 Hanson-23 Hanson-26 Hanson-27 Hanson-25 Hanson-29 Hanson-28 Hanson-33 Hanson-7 Hanson-36 Hanson-30 Hanson-35 Hanson-37 Hanson-31 Hanson-32 Hanson-1 Hanson-8 Hanson-2 Hanson-38


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