> Joker: Four Paws, a Gray Muzzle and a Big Heart


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras

I took a special trip to Denver on Tuesday afternoon to photograph two amazing pups, Lincoln and his 14-year-old counterpart, Joker. Joker’s eyes are a little fuzzy, his ears don’t hear like they used to, and his back legs have seen better days. But even at 14, his little smile and wagging tail overshadow his age. I can’t thank Laurie (with Rendition Studios) enough for inviting me to photograph her awesome dogs together.

9.9.14 Joker-4 9.9.14 Joker-1 9.9.14 Joker-3 9.9.14 Joker-2 9.9.14 Joker-5 9.9.14 Joker-6 9.9.14 Joker-7 9.9.14 Joker-8 9.9.14 Joker-9 9.9.14 Joker-10 9.9.14 Joker-11 9.9.14 Joker-12



> Mardi Paws Barkus Parade


Do you remember the last time your cheeks hurt from smiling so much? I couldn’t even relax my face at the end of last Saturday after having so much fun all day! The afternoon kicked off with the first-ever Mardi Paws Barkus Parade sponsored by LAPS down Main Street in Frisco. The Lost Cajun provided their amazing Gumbo and beignets and the turnout was great!!

LAPS Barkus Parade-1 LAPS Barkus Parade-2 LAPS Barkus Parade-3 LAPS Barkus Parade-4 LAPS Barkus Parade-5 LAPS Barkus Parade-6 LAPS Barkus Parade-7 LAPS Barkus Parade-8 LAPS Barkus Parade-9 LAPS Barkus Parade-10 LAPS Barkus Parade-11

> Holiday Pet Photos for L.A.P.S.


Last Saturday the Frisco Historic Park was visited by Santa, the Grinch, and about 70 dogs (and four cats!). L.A.P.S. hosted their yearly Pet Photos with Santa & the Grinch. I look forward to this crazy, organized & chaotic day full of labs, goldens, mutts, puppies & gray muzzles! Thanks to all of those who came out to support L.A.P.S. Prints (& CDs) are available to pick up at the Frisco Information Center as of this afternoon (Thursday, November 21, 2013).

McGee-6 Clevenger-13 Flachier-7 Novak-5 Gilmore-5 Knish-3 Price.Patty-10 Marrone-7 Pritchett-7

> Darkroom Magic at 13


My passion was sparked in a room without light.

To be honest, I remember getting fairly frustrated as my dad tried to teach me how to expose a negative with his enlarger and follow the process through to produce a photograph. Until, that is, it finally worked! The magic of the darkroom had found me, and I was hooked.

My first darkroom was in our basement. I created my first prints in seventh grade (one black & white, one color) as a final piece of my school project on “the history of photography.” The enlarger was surrounded by another work table, some shelves, binders and binders full of negatives and a rowing machine I occasionally got bored enough to try out. The lawn mower and our bikes rested just on the other side of the wall. We set our chemical trays on top of the washer and dryer, then washed the prints in the huge basin sink, all the while hoping that nobody accidentally opened the door at the top of the open-sided staircase right next to us.

I found the prints last week while unpacking more books from storage (yes, still moving in after six months!).

The love of my life when I was 13 was our dog, Dieter (who I constantly called Silly Goose, which eventually evolved into just “Goose”). A black and white dog himself, my furry subject proposed a relatively difficult challenge for me to recreate.


Finally satisfied with my efforts, I moved on to my second challenge: my color photo of the bell tower on Butler University’s campus in Indianapolis. I shot this photo one Fall while walking around the campus with my aunt and her golden retriever. It was a perfect autumn day, complete with a bluebird sky, bright leaves and long shadows.

BellThat was 12 years ago. Since then I’ve gotten to play – I mean, work – in two other darkrooms and then make the shift to digital photography. While I appreciate the efficiency that the digital tools provide, I am quick to be thankful for my roots.

> Ardy: All Business


I was so thankful to have the opportunity to fly home for the holidays this year, a trip that was packed with people and places and amazing food! My first stop was my favorite neighborhood in St. Louis, Soulard, to see one of my favorite people, Alice. And she had a new favorite family member to introduce, Ardemus! What a face; too cute for words.

>Families, Dogs, Santa & the Grinch!


Grab the kids and the dog(s) this Saturday, November 12, for your holiday family photos with Santa and/or the Grinch! I’ll be shooting portraits at the Chapel in Frisco’s Historical Park from 10am to 3pm. LAPS (League for Animals and People of the Summit) sponsors this shoot every winter, and all proceeds from the sitting fees benefit the organization.

Pick up hard copies of your photos (3-5 images) the following week. Also for sale through yours truly: holiday photo cards, photo ornaments and photo magnets! I’m especially excited to sell the cards and magnets; I designed them myself and can’t wait to offer them to everyone!

Learn more about the LAPS event here: http://www.summitlaps.com/page16.html.

See you Saturday!

>Curious Canine


I’ve had a few shoots lately including some family pets, and have enjoyed capturing their expressions as much as their peoples’. Brittney was fun to follow; she was curious about everything in the park and near the lake in Dillon where we shot her family. Below is my favorite of the day.