> Family Fun in the Fall


There’s nothing quite like Summit County in autumn, and this year exceeded all expectations of a gorgeous Fall. I couldn’t think of a better time for family portraits, and I found a new favorite location in Frisco while I was on the hunt! This little one is quickly approaching one year old – too stinkin’ cute!

10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -2 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -3 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -4 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -6 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -7 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -8 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -9


> A Day in the Mountains


I’ve been looking for a creative outlet for some time now. Something that shows off the perfection of Fall in the mountains, something more spontaneous than a family shoot, some play time. Madeline & I started out past Ute Pass Road north of Silverthorne and found more exciting mini adventures on the side of the road as we drove. Many more to come later, but I couldn’t resist a super quick preview…

Madeline Preview-1 Madeline Preview-2 Madeline Preview-4 Madeline Preview-6

> A Ghost Town and a Hike


Road trips are great. And it’s easy to find some awesome places around Colorado without traveling too far. This weekend was proof that sometimes it is worth pulling off to see what that “Point of Interest” sign is all about. Exploring the remains of Independence, CO circa 1879 is by far one of the coolest side trips we discovered. So many questions, so much wonder created by this once thriving site. And, of course, some awesome images, too!

GhostTown-3 GhostTown-5 GhostTown-1 GhostTown-2 GhostTown-4 GhostTown-6

After a couple more stops along the road we made it to the Hanging Lake trail in Glenwood Springs. I gladly welcomed the motivation from strangers on the way up as they were coming back down: “You’re almost there” and “It’s worth it!!” A rough hike up, but it truly was worth it, and then some. Beautiful turquoise water, gorgeous afternoon light in the canyon, not to mention that small sense of accomplishment for simply placing one foot in front of the other and climbing up the pile of rocks!

HangingLake-1 HangingLake-5 HangingLake-2 HangingLake-3 HangingLake-4

Here’s to the next adventure!


> Square Frame: a small series of medium format images III


I walked by this creek on the way to work every day. I always love the point when we’ve had a lot of snow but the winter is still getting started and the rivers haven’t frozen over yet. Beautiful.

Snowy Creek

>Frozen Fall


Though I didn’t get around to posting about it the day of, our first snow of the season – a week ago – was exciting! I couldn’t just watch it from indoors; I had to go out and explore! Well, I explored for about ten minutes around my home at Copper before getting back to work.

I shot the white slopes surrounded by white pines and yellow trees and bushes frozen by the snow. Of course, after all was said and done, my favorite two from our first snow were the details: the small drops of water laying on fallen aspen leaves, one sitting right on top of the snow and the other buried almost completely. The winter season is here!