> Married in St. Louis


Carrie & Bjorn brought me back home to StL for their Big Day, and it was beautiful. The quick ceremony was under a covered porch at the Whitmoor Golf Club, and the reception followed right inside. The sun hid behind a blanket of grey clouds, keeping temps down a bit. Their smiles only got bigger as the day went on, making my job quite easy!

CarrieBjorn-4 CarrieBjorn-8 CarrieBjorn-5 CarrieBjorn-6 CarrieBjorn-3 CarrieBjorn-7 CarrieBjorn-2 CarrieBjorn-11 CarrieBjorn-13 CarrieBjorn-14 CarrieBjorn-15 CarrieBjorn-16 CarrieBjorn-9 CarrieBjorn-10 CarrieBjorn-1 CarrieBjorn-18 CarrieBjorn-19 CarrieBjorn-20 CarrieBjorn-21 CarrieBjorn-22 CarrieBjorn-23 CarrieBjorn-24


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