>Little Monsters

>After 13 awesome – and strenuous – months, it came time to say goodbye to two furry kitties. Really, they just moved down the street from me. My roommate moved, and so too, did her cats. We got them just a week after having moved in to a new apartment:

There’s nothing like watching a little kitten (or puppy, for that matter) grow during its first year. As sisters, they couldn’t be more different. Bella is a lady. She’s very, very quiet, even when she speaks. She takes her time getting to know somebody new, and will rarely tolerate being held for long. Izzy is everything Bella isn’t: loud – very loud, needy, a monkey of sorts (climbing up and onto the staircase railing), playful (really, she plays fetch!), and will fall asleep in anyone’s arms after ten minutes.
My roommate had let me choose one of their names. She was going to name one Isabella and call her Izzy as a nick name. But I told her I might call that cat Bella, which would get confusing if one cat had two names. And so were created their names, Izzy and Bella. (And no, I did not name Bella after Twilight! She got the name of my favorite cat, my aunt’s cat, Bella.)

They’ve grown from barely tackling a size six flip-flop to overtaking a size six shoe box. In their worst of moments, they truly were little monsters. In their best of moments (like when they were sleeping), they melted a long-time dog-lover’s heart.