> Exchanging Vows Mountain Top at Copper Mountain Resort


I had the privilege of joining a close friend of mine for her sister’s intimate wedding, held at the top of the American Eagle chair lift at Copper Mountain Resort, under the Nature Center. What a gorgeous view, fun couple, sweet family, perfect day, the list goes on….! Something about this truly special day shared among only the closest of family spoke volumes about the love they have for one another. Congratulations!

8.22.14_Kait and Joe-2 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-5 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-9 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-11 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-12 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-13 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-16 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-15 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-21


> A Lakeside Ceremony & Backyard Reception in Dillon

Anne & Dan had an anything-but-typical wedding this summer, which was so refreshing and exciting to see (and shoot!). Their ceremony was read by various members of their friends and family, overlooking Lake Dillon and the gorgeous mountains. Afterwards, everybody headed to their backyard for a cozy yet stylish reception under a white tent, complete with bright wildflower centerpieces, a stellar mason jar chandelier and homemade desserts. See their stunning sunrise shoot here.

6.21.14 Anne and Dan-11 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-16 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-17 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-28 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-68 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-73 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-88 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-139 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-173 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-171 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-196 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-214 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-220 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-239 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-254 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-260 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-270 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-274 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-279 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-5 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-298 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-297 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-283 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-307

> Sunrise with a Silverthorne Bride & Groom


Dan & Anne are two of the coolest & truest Colorado people I know. Instead of an engagement session, they wanted to head up Ute Pass Road just North of Silverthorne for a session as the sun rose! Gorgeous light, great location, sweet vintage car and the most adorable dog! I love this shoot!

Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-1 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-2 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-3 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-4 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-5 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-6 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-7 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-8 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-9 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-10 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-12 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-13 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-14

> Backyard Wedding in Dillon


These two did it right. A quick ceremony by the lake, followed by an awesome tented reception in their own backyard. More to come, but for now here’s a sneak peek at some of my absolute favorites from Saturday evening!

Skinner-2 Skinner-4 Skinner-1

> A look Back at 2013


One of my most favorite parts about shooting weddings is the travel. I’ve been to so many places I probably wouldn’t have gone had I not shot a wedding there. There’s nothing like an absolutely, positively, awesomely amazing wedding venue! One that lends itself well to a ton of photos in a contained space; one that has great light inside or out; one that has breathtaking mountain views; one that is worth the drive, no matter how long or hard it is. These are the places I’ve been so lucky to see this summer.


Chatfield Botanic Gardens. {see more from this wedding here.}


YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, mountain top. {see more from this wedding here.}


Twin Peaks Golf Course {see more from this wedding here.}


Main Street Station in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


Copper Creek Golf Course, Copper Mountain {see more from this wedding here}


Aloft at V3 Ranch in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


Ski Cooper {see more from this wedding here}


St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder {see more from this wedding here}


Piney River Ranch {see more from this wedding here}


The Maggie at the Base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


The Four Seasons in Denver {see more from this wedding here}


The Lodge and Spa at Breck {see more from this wedding here}


Private Ranch in Livermore {see more from this wedding here}


Abiding Hope Church in Littleton {see more from this wedding here}


Wild Horse Inn, Tabernash {see more from this wedding here}


BlueSky in Breckenridge {see more from this wedding here}


The Whitmoor Golf Club (in St. Louis, MO) {see more images here}


The Western Riviera at Grand Lake {see more images from this wedding here}

> A Four Seasons Denver Wedding


A classic Denver wedding in the heart of the city, with a rain delay to cool off the night.

Bugg-10 Bugg-1 Bugg-6 Bugg-5 Bugg-7 Bugg-2 Bugg-8 Bugg-9 Bugg-11 Bugg-3 Bugg-14 Bugg-12 Bugg-13 Bugg-15 Bugg-16 Bugg-17 Bugg-4 Bugg-18 Bugg-19 Bugg-20 Bugg-21 Bugg-22

{a Huge thanks to Meredith Moran Photography for having me second shoot with her on this amazing day. Breathtaking!}

> Chandra & Caleb’s Family Ranch Wedding


There’s nothing quite like shooting a close friend’s wedding. I was giddy about this wedding since the first time I heard of it. Chandra & I had made it through our first day at work together three years back, and to be part of her Special Day was an honor. She and Caleb exchanged sweet vows in a field at Caleb’s parents’ ranch. Cowboy boots, shotgun-shell-bouttonniers, sunflowers and a simple, short, lace dress completed the look for the day.

Kleinhans-1 Kleinhans-2 Kleinhans-11 Kleinhans-4 Kleinhans-12 Kleinhans-5 Kleinhans-18 Kleinhans-13 Kleinhans-14 Kleinhans-19 Kleinhans-21 Kleinhans-16 Kleinhans-6 Kleinhans-17 Kleinhans-20 Kleinhans-22 Kleinhans-23 Kleinhans-8 Kleinhans-25 Kleinhans-24 Kleinhans-9 Kleinhans-26 Kleinhans-10 Kleinhans-27 Kleinhans-7 Kleinhans-28 Kleinhans-3 Kleinhans-15 Kleinhans-29 Kleinhans-30 Kleinhans-31 Kleinhans-32 Kleinhans-33 Kleinhans-34 Kleinhans-35 Kleinhans-36 Kleinhans-37 Kleinhans-38