> Erin & Paul – a Breck Wedding at its Best


Erin & Paul’s Breckenridge wedding day was about as perfect a mountain wedding as you can have. The afternoon rain came and went, leaving a cool evening and gorgeous skies for the ceremony at V3 Ranch. Their tent decor was simple and perfected. Guests enjoyed a delicious barbecue followed by lawn games and drinks. As the night started to wind down, stars came out and the fire pit kept people warm. Congratulations on a beautiful day and a beautiful future!

Rummele-15 Rummele-1 Rummele-16 Rummele-17 Rummele-18 Rummele-2 Rummele-19 Rummele-20 Rummele-21 Rummele-22 Rummele-23 Rummele-24 Rummele-25 Rummele-26 Rummele-27 Rummele-28 Rummele-14 Rummele-29 Rummele-5 Rummele-3 Rummele-30 Rummele-4 Rummele-31 Rummele-33 Rummele-34 Rummele-35 Rummele-36 Rummele-37 Rummele-38 Rummele-11 Rummele-7 Rummele-10 Rummele-8 Rummele-39 Rummele-9 Rummele-42 Rummele-40 Rummele-41 Rummele-12 Rummele-47 Rummele-48 Rummele-6 Rummele-45 Rummele-43 Rummele-44 Rummele-54 Rummele-49 Rummele-50 Rummele-51 Rummele-13 Rummele-53 Rummele-52

venue: V3 Ranch in Breckenridge
wedding coordinator: Marissa Bovee of Yibe Bridal Concierge
caterer: Moe’s Original BBQ
photographer: Keeping Composure Photography
2nd photographer: Jenn Harris of Yellow Paddle Photography


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