> Jessica & Kevin Marry in Breckenridge



> Jessica & Kevin’s wedding day at The Maggie in Breckenridge was beautiful. A little rain before the ceremony brought good luck and better weather for the rest of the evening. Congratulations!

Vogle-15 Vogle-1 Vogle-16 Vogle-2 Vogle-17 Vogle-18 Vogle-19 Vogle-3 Vogle-20 Vogle-21 Vogle-4 Vogle-22 Vogle-6 Vogle-24 Vogle-25 Vogle-26 Vogle-27 Vogle-7 Vogle-28 Vogle-8 Vogle-29 Vogle-9 Vogle-23 Vogle-5 Vogle-10 Vogle-13 Vogle-30 Vogle-31 Vogle-11 Vogle-32 Vogle-33 Vogle-34 Vogle-12 Vogle-35 Vogle-36 Vogle-37 Vogle-38 Vogle-14 Vogle-40 Vogle-41 Vogle-42 Vogle-43



Venue: The Maggie at the base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge
Flowers: Shannon Clark
Photography: Keeping Composure Photography


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