> Barbara & Roger


They say rain on your wedding day brings good luck. Barbara and Roger are so incredibly lucky since they had rain four different times throughout their Ski Cooper wedding! The clouds parted just in time for the ceremony, and the evening skies brought a gorgeous sunset. Just another typical weather day in the mountains for a beautiful, unique couple to share their new beginning and celebrate mountainside with friends and family.

BarbaraRoger-1 BarbaraRoger-8 BarbaraRoger-9 BarbaraRoger-10 BarbaraRoger-11 BarbaraRoger-2 BarbaraRoger-12 BarbaraRoger-13 BarbaraRoger-14 BarbaraRoger-7 BarbaraRoger-15 BarbaraRoger-16 BarbaraRoger-17 BarbaraRoger-6 BarbaraRoger-3 BarbaraRoger-18 BarbaraRoger-19 BarbaraRoger-20 BarbaraRoger-21 BarbaraRoger-22 BarbaraRoger-5 BarbaraRoger-23 BarbaraRoger-24 BarbaraRoger-25 BarbaraRoger-4 BarbaraRoger-26 BarbaraRoger-27 BarbaraRoger-28


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