> A Picnic in the Snow


These two were just as adorable (maybe even more) as they were on their wedding day. This past December marked 10 years as a couple, and what better way to celebrate than to have a picnic?! In the snow! Thanks a million to Petal and Bean in Breckenridge for their beautiful bouquet for the couple. Found some fun gems at Ruby Jane in Breck also. Here’s a quick sneak peek – head over to my web site to see more!!

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> A Snowy Breckenridge Engagement


Alison & Mike seriously impressed me today. It didn’t just snow, it dumped. All morning long. And these two made the best of it, dancing and kissing and frankly being just so darn cute throughout the whole shoot. I have the best clients. Ever. And can NOT wait for their A-Basin wedding this September!


AlisonMike-2 AlisonMike-3 AlisonMike-1 AlisonMike-5 AlisonMike-4

> Photographing a Photographer


Early this month I got together with one of my favorite photographers and great friends, Laurie with Rendition Studios. We spent some time playing around the Frisco Marina – I love this spot in the summer months, but never knew how much we’d be able to find during the winter, too!

Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-3 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-4 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-10 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-14 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-26 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-30 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-32 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-44 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-47 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-57 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-60 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-62 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-65 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-67 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-70 Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-73

> Mardi Paws Barkus Parade


Do you remember the last time your cheeks hurt from smiling so much? I couldn’t even relax my face at the end of last Saturday after having so much fun all day! The afternoon kicked off with the first-ever Mardi Paws Barkus Parade sponsored by LAPS down Main Street in Frisco. The Lost Cajun provided their amazing Gumbo and beignets and the turnout was great!!

LAPS Barkus Parade-1 LAPS Barkus Parade-2 LAPS Barkus Parade-3 LAPS Barkus Parade-4 LAPS Barkus Parade-5 LAPS Barkus Parade-6 LAPS Barkus Parade-7 LAPS Barkus Parade-8 LAPS Barkus Parade-9 LAPS Barkus Parade-10 LAPS Barkus Parade-11

> Playing in the Snow at Copper



What happens when you have a perfect winter morning, a family with amazing smiles and a bunch of young boys? Awesome photos! Out on hole 6 tee box at Copper Mountain Resort (in the summer, of course), we captured some fun moments and great smiles.
WoodardFamily-1 WoodardFamily-2 WoodardFamily-3 WoodardFamily-4 WoodardFamily-5 WoodardFamily-6 WoodardFamily-7 WoodardFamily-8

> Family Photos in Keystone


I absolutely love the energy that families and large groups bring to photo shoots. So much fun! This family vacationing in Keystone was just so happy to be sharing time together. I have to admit, I think the dog stole the show in the end…!

Kortier-1 Kortier-2 Kortier-5 Kortier-4 Kortier-3 Kortier-6

> Holiday Pet Photos for L.A.P.S.


Last Saturday the Frisco Historic Park was visited by Santa, the Grinch, and about 70 dogs (and four cats!). L.A.P.S. hosted their yearly Pet Photos with Santa & the Grinch. I look forward to this crazy, organized & chaotic day full of labs, goldens, mutts, puppies & gray muzzles! Thanks to all of those who came out to support L.A.P.S. Prints (& CDs) are available to pick up at the Frisco Information Center as of this afternoon (Thursday, November 21, 2013).

McGee-6 Clevenger-13 Flachier-7 Novak-5 Gilmore-5 Knish-3 Price.Patty-10 Marrone-7 Pritchett-7