> Chandra & Caleb’s Family Ranch Wedding


There’s nothing quite like shooting a close friend’s wedding. I was giddy about this wedding since the first time I heard of it. Chandra & I had made it through our first day at work together three years back, and to be part of her Special Day was an honor. She and Caleb exchanged sweet vows in a field at Caleb’s parents’ ranch. Cowboy boots, shotgun-shell-bouttonniers, sunflowers and a simple, short, lace dress completed the look for the day.

Kleinhans-1 Kleinhans-2 Kleinhans-11 Kleinhans-4 Kleinhans-12 Kleinhans-5 Kleinhans-18 Kleinhans-13 Kleinhans-14 Kleinhans-19 Kleinhans-21 Kleinhans-16 Kleinhans-6 Kleinhans-17 Kleinhans-20 Kleinhans-22 Kleinhans-23 Kleinhans-8 Kleinhans-25 Kleinhans-24 Kleinhans-9 Kleinhans-26 Kleinhans-10 Kleinhans-27 Kleinhans-7 Kleinhans-28 Kleinhans-3 Kleinhans-15 Kleinhans-29 Kleinhans-30 Kleinhans-31 Kleinhans-32 Kleinhans-33 Kleinhans-34 Kleinhans-35 Kleinhans-36 Kleinhans-37 Kleinhans-38


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