> A Picnic in the Snow


These two were just as adorable (maybe even more) as they were on their wedding day. This past December marked 10 years as a couple, and what better way to celebrate than to have a picnic?! In the snow! Thanks a million to Petal and Bean in Breckenridge for their beautiful bouquet for the couple. Found some fun gems at Ruby Jane in Breck also. Here’s a quick sneak peek – head over to my web site to see more!!

12.6.14 Welch-4 copy 12.6.14 Welch-6 copy 12.6.14 Welch-14 copy 12.6.14 Welch-25 copy 12.6.14 Welch-28 copy 12.6.14 Welch-29 copy 12.6.14 Welch-37 copy 12.6.14 Welch-46 copy 12.6.14 Welch-79 copy 12.6.14 Welch-53 copy

12.6.14 Welch-64 copy




> Family Fun in the Fall


There’s nothing quite like Summit County in autumn, and this year exceeded all expectations of a gorgeous Fall. I couldn’t think of a better time for family portraits, and I found a new favorite location in Frisco while I was on the hunt! This little one is quickly approaching one year old – too stinkin’ cute!

10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -2 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -3 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -4 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -6 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -7 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -8 10.4.14_Vanderhoofs -9

> A Day in the Mountains


I’ve been looking for a creative outlet for some time now. Something that shows off the perfection of Fall in the mountains, something more spontaneous than a family shoot, some play time. Madeline & I started out past Ute Pass Road north of Silverthorne and found more exciting mini adventures on the side of the road as we drove. Many more to come later, but I couldn’t resist a super quick preview…

Madeline Preview-1 Madeline Preview-2 Madeline Preview-4 Madeline Preview-6

> Joker: Four Paws, a Gray Muzzle and a Big Heart


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras

I took a special trip to Denver on Tuesday afternoon to photograph two amazing pups, Lincoln and his 14-year-old counterpart, Joker. Joker’s eyes are a little fuzzy, his ears don’t hear like they used to, and his back legs have seen better days. But even at 14, his little smile and wagging tail overshadow his age. I can’t thank Laurie (with Rendition Studios) enough for inviting me to photograph her awesome dogs together.

9.9.14 Joker-4 9.9.14 Joker-1 9.9.14 Joker-3 9.9.14 Joker-2 9.9.14 Joker-5 9.9.14 Joker-6 9.9.14 Joker-7 9.9.14 Joker-8 9.9.14 Joker-9 9.9.14 Joker-10 9.9.14 Joker-11 9.9.14 Joker-12


> Sunrise with a Silverthorne Bride & Groom


Dan & Anne are two of the coolest & truest Colorado people I know. Instead of an engagement session, they wanted to head up Ute Pass Road just North of Silverthorne for a session as the sun rose! Gorgeous light, great location, sweet vintage car and the most adorable dog! I love this shoot!

Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-1 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-2 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-3 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-4 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-5 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-6 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-7 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-8 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-9 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-10 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-12 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-13 Dan & Anne Sunrise Portraits-14

> Backyard Wedding in Dillon


These two did it right. A quick ceremony by the lake, followed by an awesome tented reception in their own backyard. More to come, but for now here’s a sneak peek at some of my absolute favorites from Saturday evening!

Skinner-2 Skinner-4 Skinner-1