> New Albums (yay!!)


I have been working on getting a new system for albums, and think I have finally found my favorite options. SO happy to see these albums arrive today, they’re everything I had hoped for and more! I love that they’re from a local Colorado company, too.



> Sonya & Jon’s Grand Day in Grand Lake


Temperatures for the day were only supposed to get up into the mid-40s, and snow still lingered from the days before. Bright yellow trees spotted the mountains around Grand Lake, making for a perfect Fall setting for Sonya & Jon’s wedding.

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> Melissa & Sean’s Big Day at BlueSky Breckenridge


This destination wedding brought families from across the country to Breckenridge, at BlueSky, a great lodging and wedding venue. I spent some time with Melissa & Sean down around The Maggie pond after the ceremony. After a long pattern of rain in the weeks leading up to their day, the clouds parted and we were lucky to have a great Fall day in the mountains. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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> Chandra & Caleb’s Family Ranch Wedding


There’s nothing quite like shooting a close friend’s wedding. I was giddy about this wedding since the first time I heard of it. Chandra & I had made it through our first day at work together three years back, and to be part of her Special Day was an honor. She and Caleb exchanged sweet vows in a field at Caleb’s parents’ ranch. Cowboy boots, shotgun-shell-bouttonniers, sunflowers and a simple, short, lace dress completed the look for the day.

Kleinhans-1 Kleinhans-2 Kleinhans-11 Kleinhans-4 Kleinhans-12 Kleinhans-5 Kleinhans-18 Kleinhans-13 Kleinhans-14 Kleinhans-19 Kleinhans-21 Kleinhans-16 Kleinhans-6 Kleinhans-17 Kleinhans-20 Kleinhans-22 Kleinhans-23 Kleinhans-8 Kleinhans-25 Kleinhans-24 Kleinhans-9 Kleinhans-26 Kleinhans-10 Kleinhans-27 Kleinhans-7 Kleinhans-28 Kleinhans-3 Kleinhans-15 Kleinhans-29 Kleinhans-30 Kleinhans-31 Kleinhans-32 Kleinhans-33 Kleinhans-34 Kleinhans-35 Kleinhans-36 Kleinhans-37 Kleinhans-38

> Jennifer & Jerome

> Main Street Station in Breckenridge was filled with love from family and friends as they witnessed Jennifer & Jerome’s marriage. They said their vows in an outdoor ceremony against a backdrop of Breck’s mountains and the Maggie Pond below. Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

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> Kaitlin & Connor’s Big Day in Denver


You’d never know it was a scorcher out on Katilin & Connor’s wedding day – the ladies kept it together and the bride was stunning. Rain cooled off the evening, and after the ceremony we found a huge willow tree and some gorgeous late afternoon magic hour light. Beautiful people + beautiful setting = awesome wedding. Congrats!

Robinson-6 Robinson-2 Robinson-1 Robinson-9 Robinson-7 Robinson-8 Robinson-11 Robinson-10 Robinson-12 Robinson-13 Robinson-3 Robinson-14 Robinson-15 Robinson-16 Robinson-17 Robinson-18 Robinson-19 Robinson-20 Robinson-4 Robinson-21 Robinson-5 Robinson-22