> Exchanging Vows Mountain Top at Copper Mountain Resort


I had the privilege of joining a close friend of mine for her sister’s intimate wedding, held at the top of the American Eagle chair lift at Copper Mountain Resort, under the Nature Center. What a gorgeous view, fun couple, sweet family, perfect day, the list goes on….! Something about this truly special day shared among only the closest of family spoke volumes about the love they have for one another. Congratulations!

8.22.14_Kait and Joe-2 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-5 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-9 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-11 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-12 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-13 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-16 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-15 8.22.14_Kait and Joe-21


> A Lakeside Ceremony & Backyard Reception in Dillon

Anne & Dan had an anything-but-typical wedding this summer, which was so refreshing and exciting to see (and shoot!). Their ceremony was read by various members of their friends and family, overlooking Lake Dillon and the gorgeous mountains. Afterwards, everybody headed to their backyard for a cozy yet stylish reception under a white tent, complete with bright wildflower centerpieces, a stellar mason jar chandelier and homemade desserts. See their stunning sunrise shoot here.

6.21.14 Anne and Dan-11 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-16 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-17 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-28 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-68 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-73 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-88 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-139 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-173 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-171 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-196 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-214 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-220 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-239 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-254 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-260 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-270 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-274 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-279 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-5 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-298 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-297 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-283 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-307

> A Mountain Wedding at the Silverthorne Pavilion


Laura & Kaleb’s wedding in June at the Silverthorne Pavilion was a beautiful, sunny Colorado celebration. This stunning bride and her adorable groom made the most of this awesome Summit County venue and we had lots of time to play!

Laura and Kaleb-1 Laura and Kaleb-2 Laura and Kaleb-3 Laura and Kaleb-4 Laura and Kaleb-5 Laura and Kaleb-6 Laura and Kaleb-7 Laura and Kaleb-8 Laura and Kaleb-9 Laura and Kaleb-10 Laura and Kaleb-11 Laura and Kaleb-12 Laura and Kaleb-13 Laura and Kaleb-14 Laura and Kaleb-15 Laura and Kaleb-16 Laura and Kaleb-17

> Erin & Paul – a Breck Wedding at its Best


Erin & Paul’s Breckenridge wedding day was about as perfect a mountain wedding as you can have. The afternoon rain came and went, leaving a cool evening and gorgeous skies for the ceremony at V3 Ranch. Their tent decor was simple and perfected. Guests enjoyed a delicious barbecue followed by lawn games and drinks. As the night started to wind down, stars came out and the fire pit kept people warm. Congratulations on a beautiful day and a beautiful future!

Rummele-15 Rummele-1 Rummele-16 Rummele-17 Rummele-18 Rummele-2 Rummele-19 Rummele-20 Rummele-21 Rummele-22 Rummele-23 Rummele-24 Rummele-25 Rummele-26 Rummele-27 Rummele-28 Rummele-14 Rummele-29 Rummele-5 Rummele-3 Rummele-30 Rummele-4 Rummele-31 Rummele-33 Rummele-34 Rummele-35 Rummele-36 Rummele-37 Rummele-38 Rummele-11 Rummele-7 Rummele-10 Rummele-8 Rummele-39 Rummele-9 Rummele-42 Rummele-40 Rummele-41 Rummele-12 Rummele-47 Rummele-48 Rummele-6 Rummele-45 Rummele-43 Rummele-44 Rummele-54 Rummele-49 Rummele-50 Rummele-51 Rummele-13 Rummele-53 Rummele-52

venue: V3 Ranch in Breckenridge
wedding coordinator: Marissa Bovee of Yibe Bridal Concierge
caterer: Moe’s Original BBQ
photographer: Keeping Composure Photography
2nd photographer: Jenn Harris of Yellow Paddle Photography