> Joker: Four Paws, a Gray Muzzle and a Big Heart


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras

I took a special trip to Denver on Tuesday afternoon to photograph two amazing pups, Lincoln and his 14-year-old counterpart, Joker. Joker’s eyes are a little fuzzy, his ears don’t hear like they used to, and his back legs have seen better days. But even at 14, his little smile and wagging tail overshadow his age. I can’t thank Laurie (with Rendition Studios) enough for inviting me to photograph her awesome dogs together.

9.9.14 Joker-4 9.9.14 Joker-1 9.9.14 Joker-3 9.9.14 Joker-2 9.9.14 Joker-5 9.9.14 Joker-6 9.9.14 Joker-7 9.9.14 Joker-8 9.9.14 Joker-9 9.9.14 Joker-10 9.9.14 Joker-11 9.9.14 Joker-12



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