> A Lakeside Ceremony & Backyard Reception in Dillon

Anne & Dan had an anything-but-typical wedding this summer, which was so refreshing and exciting to see (and shoot!). Their ceremony was read by various members of their friends and family, overlooking Lake Dillon and the gorgeous mountains. Afterwards, everybody headed to their backyard for a cozy yet stylish reception under a white tent, complete with bright wildflower centerpieces, a stellar mason jar chandelier and homemade desserts. See their stunning sunrise shoot here.

6.21.14 Anne and Dan-11 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-16 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-17 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-28 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-68 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-73 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-88 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-139 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-173 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-171 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-196 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-214 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-220 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-239 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-254 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-260 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-270 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-274 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-279 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-5 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-298 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-297 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-283 6.21.14 Anne and Dan-307


> A Snowy Breckenridge Engagement


Alison & Mike seriously impressed me today. It didn’t just snow, it dumped. All morning long. And these two made the best of it, dancing and kissing and frankly being just so darn cute throughout the whole shoot. I have the best clients. Ever. And can NOT wait for their A-Basin wedding this September!


AlisonMike-2 AlisonMike-3 AlisonMike-1 AlisonMike-5 AlisonMike-4

> Playing in the Snow at Copper



What happens when you have a perfect winter morning, a family with amazing smiles and a bunch of young boys? Awesome photos! Out on hole 6 tee box at Copper Mountain Resort (in the summer, of course), we captured some fun moments and great smiles.
WoodardFamily-1 WoodardFamily-2 WoodardFamily-3 WoodardFamily-4 WoodardFamily-5 WoodardFamily-6 WoodardFamily-7 WoodardFamily-8

> Jessica & Courtney’s Wild Horse Inn Wedding


The Wild Horse Inn is just about the most awesome venue for a wedding I’ve seen in a long time. Located in the Tabernash area, just past Winter Park, this intimate setting was the perfect backdrop for Jessica & Courtney’s ceremony & reception.

NewmannCuff-1 NewmannCuff-4 NewmannCuff-11 NewmannCuff-12 NewmannCuff-3 NewmannCuff-5 NewmannCuff-13 NewmannCuff-14 NewmannCuff-15 NewmannCuff-18 NewmannCuff-20 NewmannCuff-6 NewmannCuff-19 NewmannCuff-16 NewmannCuff-17 NewmannCuff-21 NewmannCuff-23 NewmannCuff-24 NewmannCuff-22 NewmannCuff-10 NewmannCuff-2 NewmannCuff-9 NewmannCuff-8 NewmannCuff-25 NewmannCuff-26 NewmannCuff-27 NewmannCuff-7 NewmannCuff-28 NewmannCuff-29 NewmannCuff-30 NewmannCuff-31 NewmannCuff-32 NewmannCuff-33


> Sonya & Jon’s Grand Day in Grand Lake


Temperatures for the day were only supposed to get up into the mid-40s, and snow still lingered from the days before. Bright yellow trees spotted the mountains around Grand Lake, making for a perfect Fall setting for Sonya & Jon’s wedding.

Waganer-5 Waganer-1 Waganer-8 Waganer-10 Waganer-11 Waganer-9 Waganer-7 Waganer-14 Waganer-15 Waganer-16 Waganer-17 Waganer-19 Waganer-20 Waganer-23 Waganer-22 Waganer-24 Waganer-26 Waganer-21 Waganer-27 Waganer-28 Waganer-2 Waganer-29 Waganer-30 Waganer-4 Waganer-12 Waganer-32 Waganer-34 Waganer-31 Waganer-33 Waganer-35 Waganer-36 Waganer-37 Waganer-3 Waganer-38

> Married in St. Louis


Carrie & Bjorn brought me back home to StL for their Big Day, and it was beautiful. The quick ceremony was under a covered porch at the Whitmoor Golf Club, and the reception followed right inside. The sun hid behind a blanket of grey clouds, keeping temps down a bit. Their smiles only got bigger as the day went on, making my job quite easy!

CarrieBjorn-4 CarrieBjorn-8 CarrieBjorn-5 CarrieBjorn-6 CarrieBjorn-3 CarrieBjorn-7 CarrieBjorn-2 CarrieBjorn-11 CarrieBjorn-13 CarrieBjorn-14 CarrieBjorn-15 CarrieBjorn-16 CarrieBjorn-9 CarrieBjorn-10 CarrieBjorn-1 CarrieBjorn-18 CarrieBjorn-19 CarrieBjorn-20 CarrieBjorn-21 CarrieBjorn-22 CarrieBjorn-23 CarrieBjorn-24

> Melissa & Sean’s Big Day at BlueSky Breckenridge


This destination wedding brought families from across the country to Breckenridge, at BlueSky, a great lodging and wedding venue. I spent some time with Melissa & Sean down around The Maggie pond after the ceremony. After a long pattern of rain in the weeks leading up to their day, the clouds parted and we were lucky to have a great Fall day in the mountains. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

OSullivan-11 OSullivan-6 OSullivan-1 OSullivan-7 OSullivan-12 OSullivan-13 OSullivan-8 OSullivan-14 OSullivan-9 OSullivan-15 OSullivan-4 OSullivan-16 OSullivan-17 OSullivan-18 OSullivan-19 OSullivan-10 OSullivan-5 OSullivan-20 OSullivan-21 OSullivan-25 OSullivan-22 OSullivan-2 OSullivan-3 OSullivan-23 OSullivan-24 OSullivan-26 OSullivan-27 OSullivan-28 OSullivan-30 OSullivan-31 OSullivan-29 OSullivan-32 OSullivan-33