> Daily Gratitudes


Last week I came across another great post from JessLively.com. She touched on how to strengthen Presence, along with six other intangible “muscles” we have. I think we all have aspects we could work on making stronger, and I decided to start a small new journey into a gratitude journal.

journal cover

I journal now and then, when I can’t sleep and there’s too much going on inside my head. Most of the time it ends up being more negative and worrisome notes, which is fine still – once they’re on paper and no longer swimming around in my mind, I can focus on all of the positive things and leave everything else behind.

But I decided I wanted to start something that will cross-train my other “muscles,” like Gratitude, Creativity and Presence. So I picked up a little pocket journal, and though it’s been a struggle to remember some days, I have been pleasantly surprised (and sometimes surprisingly amused!) with what I write down. Five Gratitude notes a day, at this point in the year, will give me 1,440 total notes by the end of the year!

Some of my favorites so far this past week:

Home-cooked family dinners
Daffodils on my desk


White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
My awesome little Nephew
Allowing myself the time for yoga classes
Chocolate martinis. After yoga class…
Warm, sunny spring days in the mountains


My amazing relationship with my sister
Laughing until my ribs hurt

You get the picture. It’s not that hard to find five things to be grateful for each day, if not more. It’s just doing it – consistently – that has already been a fun challenge and great new habit!


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