> Mardi Paws Barkus Parade


Do you remember the last time your cheeks hurt from smiling so much? I couldn’t even relax my face at the end of last Saturday after having so much fun all day! The afternoon kicked off with the first-ever Mardi Paws Barkus Parade sponsored by LAPS down Main Street in Frisco. The Lost Cajun provided their amazing Gumbo and beignets and the turnout was great!!

LAPS Barkus Parade-1 LAPS Barkus Parade-2 LAPS Barkus Parade-3 LAPS Barkus Parade-4 LAPS Barkus Parade-5 LAPS Barkus Parade-6 LAPS Barkus Parade-7 LAPS Barkus Parade-8 LAPS Barkus Parade-9 LAPS Barkus Parade-10 LAPS Barkus Parade-11


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