> Shrimp, Key Lime Pie & Rain: An Engagement Party


Megan & Ryan’s engagement party – or rather, a low country boil in the high country – turned into a rainy affair that just brought everybody closer together, literally. Naturally, I brought my camera along, and could hardly wait to share the fun photos of their favorite friends and family…

mcmEngagement-1 mcmEngagement-4 mcmEngagement-9


mcmEngagement-8 mcmEngagement-7 mcmEngagement-16 mcmEngagement-6 mcmEngagement-10 mcmEngagement-11 mcmEngagement-13 mcmEngagement-14 mcmEngagement-12 mcmEngagement-2 mcmEngagement-15 mcmEngagement-5 mcmEngagement-17 mcmEngagement-18 mcmEngagement-25 mcmEngagement-22 mcmEngagement-20


mcmEngagement-24 mcmEngagement-23 mcmEngagement-19 mcmEngagement-26 mcmEngagement-3 mcmEngagement-29 mcmEngagement-30 mcmEngagement-34 mcmEngagement-35 mcmEngagement-32 mcmEngagement-27 mcmEngagement-31 mcmEngagement-21 mcmEngagement-28 mcmEngagement-33



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