> Facebook Photo Contest

***The contest is officially open for voting… and I’m in Second Place as of this morning, with only 6 1/2 hours left to vote today! This photo is on page three, top left. Let’s help little Jack give his mom a wonderful Mother’s Day gift with a win! Head on over to http://goo.gl/qWOlX and vote today! (thanks)***


I’m in the running for a Facebook contest sponsored by Sarah Petty of The Joy of Marketing. (She’s wonderful, by the way!) The MOST LIKES WINS!

Help me out, all you photo lovers & supporters. I’ve entered this photo below (it’s titled 5 Days Old). It’s of my sister with her new son (my adorable nephew) just five days after he was born. He laid there in her arms and mirrored every face she made. Smiles, coos – you name it. Absolutely precious.


Don’t wait! You only get ONE vote Today & Tomorrow. Remember, most likes for a photo wins. Click this link to vote: http://on.fb.me/13EOqM1.

Let’s give little Jack’s mom an early Happy Mother’s Day with a win! Thanks for all your support now and forever!


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