> Bridget & Elliott


I met this couple for their engagement shoot in Breckenridge and we had one of the best Spring afternoons in the mountains. I knew Bridget & Elliott’s wedding would be no less than amazing, and I couldn’t wait to finish my wedding season with them in mid-October. The rain didn’t stick away like we had hoped, but their plan-B ceremony inside was intimate and sweet. We had plenty of extra time together for photos. Dinner was served from a food truck – and it was by far some of the best wedding food I’ve ever tasted! Guests followed their dinner with some of Elliott’s home-brewed beer. The weather cleared and the air was cool by the time nightfall came, and the patios opened up while music played indoors. It was indeed one of the hardest weddings to leave: so.much.fun. (A belated congratulations, you two!)

BridgetAndEl-1 BridgetAndEl-16 BridgetEl-2 BridgetAndEl-6 BridgetAndEl-7 BridgetEl-1 BridgetEl-3 BridgetAndEl-12 BridgetAndEl-14 BridgetAndEl-17 BridgetAndEl-18 BridgetAndEl-19 BridgetAndEl-23 BridgetEl-6 BridgetAndEl-26 BridgetAndEl-29 BridgetEl-4 BridgetEl-5 BridgetAndEl-34 BridgetAndEl-32 BridgetAndEl-36 BridgetAndEl-41 BridgetAndEl-45 BridgetAndEl-44 BridgetAndEl-50 BridgetAndEl-49


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