> Congratulations, You’re Engaged!….. Now What?


He asked. You said, “Yes!” He’s got the girl. You’ve got your man (and a nice new ring). And the rest is history. Well, almost. But somewhere between now and history is a wedding day and a lot of decisions leading up to it.

I don’t want to even try to scratch the surface of wedding planning as a whole. Weddings grow into these elaborate, awesome productions, and I only help to serve as a small part of The Big Day. There are so many details to think about for photography. Over the seasons, I’ve heard a lot of concerns and questions brides have and I’ve learned other tips that help the planning process along:

Do you want engagement photos? Are you sending out Save-the-Date reminders or putting an engagement announcement in your local paper?

Are family photos more important on the wedding day, or do you want to spend more time with on Bride and Groom photos?

It’s best to spell out exactly which formal family photos you’re looking for: Instead of “Bride and family,” indicate “Bride with Mom, Dad & Sisters,” or “Bride with all cousins” or “Bride with Mom, aunts and Grandmothers.” Be as specific as possible.

Are you a DIY Bride? What details of the day are important? Do the flowers hold a certain significance? Is there a special moment for the photographer to be aware of? Did grandma make the cake? Is somebody visiting from overseas?

Are you two seeing each other before the ceremony begins? Do you want to have a First Look moment captured in images?

Think about scheduling in about 30 minutes to relax before the ceremony begins – without any formal photos during that time. This gives family time to move away and you and the wedding party time to soak up the reason you’re all there.

Lastly: think of your top five images for the entire day. Five moments, ideas, people, details. If you could only come away with five images from the day, what would they be?



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