> What Do I Love About This Moment?


I’ve recently started following an inspiring blog that touches on business, home and life. The images grabbed my attention at first, and the content kept me intrigued, so much so that I’ve subscribed to her weekly business advice. A recent post motivated me to sit down and think about the present. Not Later. Not Someday. What I love Right Now. It’s worth a read, and even more worth a good exercise in figuring out what’s so amazing this moment. So, What do I Love about this Moment?

I love that I have an awesome support group here and around the country, from friends to co-workers to fellow photographers.

I love that I feel a fresh burst of motivation to get things started (and, more importantly, finished).

I love that my coworker just got engaged and is glowing with excitement every day – and I get to work with them for their engagement photos.

I love that I got to ski with my boyfriend on our day off together.

I love that I am only one wedding away from my goal for Summer 2013.

I love that the weather is warm enough in March for me to wear a skirt.

I love that I live where the clouds kiss the mountains.

I love that I’m in love and that I am loved.



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