> Week 39


September 23 – September 29

Copper Station sure looks cool surrounded by the Fall colors. The golf season is definitely winding down, but the change of scenery is always welcome.

One of our regular golfers brought in some of her black bean hummus that she and a friend have started selling locally. I love local products, and I love hearing of people starting their own business around here. And I also LOVE this hummus!!

Slow day at golf today. I couldn’t take my eyes off these trees though. It’s as if they turned just in the past day! So pretty.

I love how you can see so far in the mountains. It’s raining, way way over there.

Summit is where the clouds kiss the land. When clouds are low, they practically run in to Peak One. I think cloudy days are sometimes cooler than sunny days here.

Mmm…. red velvet cupcake! We went to grab a salad and small lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (their salad bar is awesome!) and I couldn’t resist getting a little dessert to go.

I had so much fun with Helena and Dave today doing their engagement photos. We saved this photo for last, as a just-for-fun idea. Who doesn’t like throwing a pile of leaves in the air? We found some awesome, bright yellow Aspens and got some great images out of the afternoon. Can’t wait until their wedding this summer!


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