> Week 38


September 16 – September 22

Garden of the Gods. Really pretty, haven’t seen this for a long time. Weird to stand in this spot and just look another ten degrees to the right and see mountainsides of charred trees from the fires this summer. Glad this wonderful landmark was spared.

I drove back from Colorado Springs to find snow on the mountains at Copper! Yay! Really pretty, I couldn’t help but stop at the rest stop for a few photos.

Mmmmm my new favorite snack/meal! Chicken salad – with lots of yummies, including cous cous, sauteed onions, grapes, three kinds of nuts, and a whole lot more!

Just the other week I looked at these mountains in the early morning hours with the moon still shining over Buffalo. Here, the bright yellow trees stand out; it won’t look like this for long.

More signs of winter today. A bit more snow in the higher trees, and yellow leaves still below. This is such a cool way to see the mountains; it just doesn’t happen all that often.

Rock sculpture on a hike. Our little mark in the world 🙂

Lisa and Kevin had a really pretty wedding today. This was my favorite shot. The light, the fence, the mountain in the background… it all came together. I can’t wait for them to see more!


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