> Alice & Jake: Engaged!


My dearest friend from school is engaged to a wonderful guy, and I was so excited to have the chance to shoot their engagement photos. That made it special, and so did the fact that I got to shoot while at home on vacation, during my favorite time of year in St. Louis, October. And we landed the absolute perfect Fall day!

Their dog, Artemis, joined us on the first leg our our afternoon. We walked around the Soulard neighborhood, one of the most fun (and visually interesting) places in the city. I would love to live here if I were in St. Louis. Artemis was a great model, but got tired pretty quickly.

The variety of colorful doors and brick buildings really make Soulard a great place to shoot. We found lots of doors to try, and a few alleyways and great cobblestone along the way.

We said goodbye to the pup and headed to their reception venue, Lemp’s Grand Hall. Some of the staff gave us access to the rooftop deck, which made the day even more special. Really fun!

After playing around on the back side of the Brewery (awesome teal-boarded up windows, lots of brick and arches, so.much.fun!) we headed to Lafayette Square Park. This was the first time I’d been to this park, and I was absolutely blown away by its lush and various foliage. A wonderful park.

By the end of the day, I had shot way more than I realized, and couldn’t wait to get back home and start editing. It’s such a fun day to relive, and I’m so incredibly happy for these two (and Artemis, of course!). Taking some extra time and making an adventure out of the afternoon really paid off. Congrats, again, Alice & Jake!!


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