> Week 37


September 9 – September 15

Just two days ago I took a photo of this same group of trees from a different angle. What a difference a few days makes when the trees are changing! So pretty.

Another view I used to see a whole lot down in Silverthorne. This small grouping of trees is notorious for being some of the first ones that turn yellow, and they stay bright and colorful for a long time.

Copper Creek held the Jonny G’s tournament today. I grabbed this shot while out making the rounds (and picking up trash….). I love golf in the Fall.

It’s hard to think that in just a month or so those runs will be snowy white. (And then, in the dead of winter, it’s impossible to imagine green grass on the course again!)

This is the week for Fall colors, that’s for sure. Here’s a view from Silverthorne looking up towards the Wildernest neighborhood. These looked like they were on fire early this morning; still pretty now, too.

This cactus has grown so much over the past few years. It was a present for graduation. Really cool leaves/flowers (?) that get darker in the colder months.

As I left Copper today, the clouds were still hanging low and the temperature was definitely dropping. I hope we get some snow on those yellow leaves!




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