> Week 36


September 2 – September 8

I got to spend some extra time with Larissa before her ceremony, and the second she sat on this couch I knew we had a great image to work on. She got to calm her nerves as we shot more and more, and I got a ton of great photos of her.

I stopped by the Dillon Marina this afternoon (a rather rainy one) to watch some of the Marina Mutt Day challenges. L.A.P.S put the event on, and I knew there would be some photos to be taken. This dog took a running start and leapt clear over his owner!

This is by far the most sun flare I’ve seen at Copper as the sun just comes over Ten Mile Range. It’s too bad the golf course is about the last piece of land on Copper to get sun in the morning; it’s a bit chilly!

Wow. As I drove to grab a coffee in the early hours of the day, I made a turn and practically jolted my car to a halt. The moon hadn’t yet set behind Buffalo, and the sun had just come up. By the time I parked in front of the coffee shop, the bright red light was gone, and the moon wasn’t far behind. Truly spectacular, and a refreshing way to start the day.

We took a hike today, and on the way back could look down over Frisco. I’ve never seen the town from this angle. Our new place is somewhere down there…

Driving the golf cart up to Center Village today, I noticed the aspens turning bright yellow for the first time. I guess Fall is here.

Ann and the “best dog” had some sweet moments together today. I really liked this photo the best because there is a third (invisible) subject in the photo – Ann’s husband – that the dog is looking at.


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