> Week 35


August 26 – September 1

That is some serious sun flare, cool! Glad to know I the sun can still beat me to work right now, but I know it won’t last long…

Here’s a shot of one of the few rainbows I’ve caught this summer. Last summer they were so frequent, but not so this year.

One of the last images I grabbed at the Mumford & Sons concert at Red Rocks tonight. Wow. WOW what an amazing show! The crowd was just as exciting to be a part of as watching and listening to the music. Spectacular night, best of the summer so far.

Little paws! Reminds me of a photo I took of my puppy (OK, my dog) a while ago…

The afternoon light in our mountains is really unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. Here’s the view coming down from Frisco to Silverthorne. Just another normal drive down I-70, really. 🙂

We went to one of the last farmers markets of the summer in Dillon today. After grabbing lunch we treated ourselves to some locals’ favorite ice cream. SO.Good. And it was just about hot enough to really make it worth scarfing it down fast!

Today, my groom escorts his mother out to the ceremony at Chatfield Botanic Gardens. Something about the hard contrast between the shadow and colors stuck out for me.


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