> Week 34


August 19 – August 25

It’s mornings like this that are keeping me right where I am. What a great way to wake up!

Here’s the mini boardwalk leading into the Rainbow Lakes trail in Frisco. It’s a fun, really short and easy hike. More like a walk. But far enough from town to really get away for a bit.

14 of the last 17 days spent at work, either golf or shooting. And editing any chance in between. And finishing summer class. I needed this cookie today!

Such.A.Pretty.Kitty. I’m amazed every time I shoot Luna now. She seriously is a little ham in front of the camera now! What a face.

I liked the simple lines and detail of the back of her dress. I feel like I see so many dresses now that to really get a nice detailed shot is rare.

Blue skies and a beautiful day in the mountains! Glad to have the day off. Finally.

I just surpassed my goal of hitting 40 mpg average in my car this summer! With all the miles I’ve put on in the past few months, at least I know I’m going far on the gas I’m buying. Yay!


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