> Week 33


August 12 – August 18

Another beautiful afternoon on the course. Though on second thought, at this point, it was pretty chilly, too!

I had the honor to do a family photo shoot at Copper today that included two awesome colleagues: a SRS manager and one of the best ski instructors we have to offer. I love this.

I found this when I was cleaning today. From my sister. Made my day (for a second time).

Copper Creek Golf Course held a Rally for the Cure tournament today. The turnout was great, and we raised over $2,000 for the cause. I can’t wait until next year; it will only get better and better! This was the last shot of the day. I stuck around late just to wait for the sun to start setting.

Late summer afternoon light falling on my blinds. This place gets the best natural light for being such a small studio. This is by far my favorite time of day right now.

I shot this flower for about ten minutes. I could have stayed longer if I didn’t have anything else to do. Such bright colors, and cool shapes, and water, and… fun!

I made a trip down to Pueblo today for Ann & Matt’s wedding. Long drive, but worth it. This couple was so great, and I got to shoot with another awesome photographer, Laurie from Rendition Studios. Their first dance was choreographed to perfection and they really pulled it off.


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