> Week 32


August 5 – August 11

I’ve really liked playing with long exposures at night during a wedding, especially after the majority of other photos are out of the way. This one turned out perfect!

My new favorite find: Reusies. They’re reusable snack bags that are also washable. Cool! Thank you, Groupon, for introducing me to new things.

What big eyes you have… and what big ears! Luna’s eyes are really pretty. And she just doesn’t mind the camera one bit anymore. I can’t count how many photos I’ve grabbed of her so far.

In anticipation of the oncoming cooler weather, I bought a pumpkin spice candle. Scented candles aren’t usually my favorite, but this one has been burning almost nonstop since I brought it home. it smells like a bakery in my studio!

Here’s a generational photo my bride wanted today at her wedding. It’s her hand in the middle, with her mother and grandmother’s on each side. Thought it was a good idea, turned out to be sweet.

Our grill is back in the common area finally! Here’s some early morning beaded water. I liked the different sizes of drops, the angle and the focus of this shot; it had to be in a square format!

This was the shot of the evening at the wedding I worked this afternoon. The couple got married in the bride’s backyard. It was a simple wedding, nothing serious. The weather was threatening most of the afternoon, and once everyone had gotten in the buffet line, the skies opened and rain pelted us all. Immediately following the storm came this awesome, full double rainbow, right over her house!


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