> Week 31


July 29 – August 4

I’ve become a fan of coffee this summer. Though still not straight black coffee, a little caffeine with milk and sugar or cream (or something sweet!) really does the trick! This is my favorite mug; it’s been used plenty lately!

This is my favorite sticker that Chiquita has on their bananas. It totally brings me back to being a little kid again; I always stuck the stickers on my head and walked around all day! Little pleasures…

Yellow Paddle Photography sent me two tickets to a Rockies baseball game as a thanks for hard work this summer. It just so happened that the game was against my Cardinals home team! The night was perfect, and towards sunset the clouds were on fire. It was hands down the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. Ever. What a cool night!

Oh the clouds lately. I feel like I’m always looking to the skies the past few weeks. This gorgeous afternoon light on the mountains hit just as I got off work. Beautiful.

Just another long par 5 and a pretty mountain view…

A slightly chilly, but comfortable night hanging outside in Center Village. Something about the puddles and the lights struck me tonight. I sure like living where I do!

I got my newly designed business cards! www.Moo.com is the BEST; I love their paper stock and the fact that I can put so many different photos into the mix. And a water drop as a logo for a company named Moo? Even better!


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