> Week 30


July 22 – July 28

Another farmers market find. This summer has been particularly rough allergy-wise, and I found some local honey from Winter Park to start using. Maybe this will help ease the sneezes!

Ok, a windowsill isn’t that exciting, I know. But I was just drawn to the raindrop shadows and the nice light. Simple as that.

One last farmers market indulgence – cherries! Yum.

There are some mornings in the mountains that a camera really can’t completely capture, this being one of them. But I tried. It’s just chilly enough before the sun pops over the ridge that some low clouds hang around down near us. So pretty!

A gorgeous day to golf, with some fun girls from JJ’s next door! Blue, blue sky and green, green grass (along with her pink shirt) make this image pop. What a great day!

Another beautiful morning at Copper. The clouds were awesome, and even though the air was chilly it was so nice just to sit outside and enjoy my coffee before getting back to work.

I absolutely adored this couple, and them paired together with this porch was perfection. I think this is my top favorite image from weddings, hands down!


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