> Kelly & Jason


About ten days after the horrendous fires swept across the front range and teased Boulder with it’s southern flames earlier this summer, the skies finally opened wide during Kelly & Jason’s wedding and rain soaked the ground around them. The rain waited until the final minute of their ceremony, which was held outside at Pastures of Plenty farm in Longmont (by far one of, if not the, coolest venues I’ve been to yet!). Big Bang Catering, who partners with the local, organic farm, provided some of the best BBQ I’ve had in a long time. And a three piece version of the band, Meniskus, had people dancing through the night.

Despite rainy, chilly weather (I wore shorts; I was sure it would be in the 90s that day!) we got some fun shots. In one word, Kelly & Jason are FUN. They dangled from monkey bars, grabbed a swing, climbed on cars and fences, and even found a lucky horseshoe during our shoot. Lots of luck (rain) and love poured down on them that day. Congratulations, you two! (And to this day, I have never had a strawberry shortcake as good as the mini ones at their dessert bar; great choice, Jason!)








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