> Rally for the Cure


August 15 at the Copper Creek Golf Course was an exciting day. We hosted our first Rally for the Cure tournament, benefiting Susan G. Komen’s organization. Foursomes could sign up and play a scramble. We had 25 groups sign up; it was an amazing turnout. And Pink was Everywhere! Pink shirts, pink hats, even a pink flamingo showed up for the big day.

We had a raffle for sponsors’ prizes; we had pink ribbons and string players could buy to shorten one of their putts; we had a sweet putter for the men’s grand prize and a cute golf bag for the ladies. There was an option to have our golf pro hit a drive on hole 17. The day really was about rallying together and having fun while supporting a great cause.

When all was said and done, the tournament raised upwards of $2,500 for the cure (the board pictured above didn’t count donations for having our pro hit a drive on the course). We were all really excited to see the turnout from our amazing locals and pass holders, and can’t wait to make next year even better!


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