> Tiffany & Albert


I love my job. I mentioned earlier that it’s not often that you meet extraordinary people. And extraordinary is an understatement for Tiffany and Albert. They are unlike any couple I’ve known, and I was truly touched by their kindness and welcoming spirits. I shot their engagement photos as well as Tiffany’s boudoir session, so by the time the wedding came it was a walk in the park for everyone. Actually, it was a ride up the mountain! Their wedding was perfection; they shared the afternoon with a small crowd of close family and friends at the top of the gondola at Steamboat Springs Resort, and had a nice cocktail hour and dinner at Hazie’s restaurant just inside. I was impressed to hear that of the (maybe) 40 people in attendance, four were Albert’s friends from kindergarten; that’s amazing, and it really does show what kind of a guy he is. I feel so lucky to have been a part of their special day, full of joyful tears, laughter and plenty of kisses! Congratulations, you two, and may every day be better than the one before it.

(See more daily photos from this week here.)


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