> Week 29


July 15 – July 21

I laid out in a park in Denver, took my shoes off and closed my eyes for a bit. It was a beautiful morning, not too crazy hot and there was a slight breeze. Nice day.

Rain! More rain, I can’t believe how much we’re finally getting up here. I love looking at the colors and the rain drops through my screened window. I took this after waking up from a nice afternoon nap.

Clouds. More clouds. The sunset was magnificent tonight. I shot this right before hopping on the Summit Stage in Frisco to head down to Silverthorne. So beautiful!

I have a photo of Copper Creek Golf Course printed in High Country Golf Magazine, credit and all!

My cousin’s gettin’ hitched this winter! I love their save the date postcard; very typical of their personality. Can’t wait, hope I can figure out a way to make it!

Fresh plums and peaches, straight from the Dillon Farmers Market this morning. I accidentally made my way to Dillon in search of the FIRC to drop off some clothes, and completely forgot the goings-on Friday mornings! As luck would have it, I snagged a sweet parking spot and spent the next two hours pokin’ around and buying awesome, fresh food!

I was down in Denver today for another wedding – the hottest one yet! It was on DU’s campus – pretty, but so sunny. This was a cool shot where we eventually did the first look. I like the clean lines and pillars.


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