> Week 28


July 8 – July 14

Here’s a view off of I-70 looking towards Frisco. These are some of my favorite days in the mountains.

Here’s the view from hole 9 at Copper Creek. Gorgeous day, fun round, too!

My ring! Finally, I got it back from the restaurant in Steamboat Springs (a month later). I found this ring at Calamity Pass Trading Co. in Steamboat, and decided it had my name on it. I love it so much. It’s tiny enough for my little fingers, and is beautiful but simple. The store is pretty cool, too; we could’ve spent all morning looking around!

I couldn’t resist grabbing my phone on the drive up towards the Eisenhower tunnels this afternoon. Not safe, I know… but seriously, these clouds were amazing! I hit the little patch of rain that made it to the ground about five minutes later. But most of the moisture just hung in the air. So cool! (Instagram helped make it look a bit more gnarly than it really was, but it shows the clouds so well!)

I guess this is another week of Instagram photos. (Ok, really only 3 of the 7 are taken on my iPhone. It still counts!) I decided to ride the lift again this afternoon, to clear my head and see the pretty mountains. This is from the ride down; Center Village looks so small from up here! I can almost see my place from here!

I shot Kacey & Teddy’s wedding today, and right before the reception we got to borrow some golf carts and cruise around the course. We got some fun shots, but this one stood out to me. Just a quiet moment between the newlyweds right before the night’s festivities began.

I met up with Kayla & Chris in Golden today to shoot their engagement photos. We were shooting around this red barn when we ran across an already-engraved heart on the wall, and had to take advantage! A cute couple, and a cute pose.


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