> Week 24


June 10 – June 16

Another round on the course, another beautiful day for golf! We could definitely use the rain for a bit more moisture, but in the meantime, I’m not complaining!

Here’s a pretty typical day at lake Dillon: fisher on the edge of the water, paddlers in the middle. The only thing missing is a nice sailboat in the distance.

I guess I can’t get away from the water now that it’s summer. Here’s another lake shot, simple details caught my eye on this one.

This is Fred the Pancake Head. Fred didn’t have such a great morning after this photo was taken… I, on the other hand, have an amazing boyfriend who builds puzzles with me and makes me more than just pancakes in the morning!!

I’ve been walking to work at the golf course lately, and sometimes there are point that I just can’t keep walking without taking a photo. Here’s hole 8 in the background, with the Pitchfork lift in the distance.

Copper Mountain is officially open for the summer season! My friend and I took the American Eagle up to Solitude. This is the view from the chapel area at the top of the mountain. Breathtaking.

Another shot from my walk to work. Here’s the green on hole three, getting a good drink of water for the day. I love this place.

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