> Week 22


May 27 – June 2

Oops! Someone left the sprinklers on last night! The outcome: a couple iced-over pines and other trees. Fun to shoot, I just hope they’re still strong enough to survive!

A true mountainside chapel. This wedding was at the YMCA Lodge in Estes Park, at the top of the mountain. Beautiful setting, and such a great day!

I stayed in Estes Park last night after shooting the mountainside wedding, and woke up to find a place to shoot before heading back. There were quite a few fishers on the lake. I liked this guy, all by himself in the middle of the mountainscape.

Here’s a closeup shot of two pieces of jewelry that I’m in love with: my grandma Jane’s pearl earrings and my Aunt Christine’s ring. I’ve never been a huge fan of gold, but I really like getting a chance to wear these out.

First day of summer softball! The season started off at the Silverthorne fields, looking towards Buffalo Mountain. I’m excited to watch more of the Fun Bunch play!

I’ve had this card on my fridge for just about a year now. One year ago, I moved into my Copper place. Two years ago from today was my first day living in Summit County!

I hung out with the girls before today’s wedding, while the bridesmaids and bride were getting ready. At one point, the bride mentioned she wanted to include her family member’s police pin somewhere on her dress, and the discussion went on and on. I finally threw out the idea to hide it under her big side bow, which turned out to be the perfect place!


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