> Week 21


May 20 – May 26

Such cool light over the lake this afternoon! Wow! This is why it’s so hard to get bored up in the mountains – because views like this are so “everyday” and yet so amazing still!

This little guy brings good luck. Funny face!

This is a shot I’ve always wanted to do, since I first became interested in photography. Definitely not a new or original idea, but really fun to do anyway! My dad and I stayed out on the porch at the lake for at least half an hour to get this shot, only about a 7 minute exposure. The best part: looking at the starts for another two hours afterwards.

The Blue House. I’ve missed this place so much since moving west.

I heard some GREAT news earlier this month: one of my dearest friends from college is engaged! We met up when I was in town for a visit, and I grabbed an opportunity to snap a few photos of her beautiful ring. I couldn’t be happier for her!

Another visit back home, another chance to get some recent photos of my baby nephew, Jack. He talks so much on his changing table, and smiles the same amount. This was my favorite shot from the morning, nice and soft, happy baby!

I couldn’t resist this shot again, probably the third or fourth time I’ve taken a rendition of this photo. Who would’ve thought Snort the Bull would’ve ended up at a lake in the mountains?!

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