> Week 20


May 13 – May 19

Those are two lonely lift chairs, and the snow looks to disappear pretty soon. I’m starting to realize how erie and quiet Copper can get in the off season now, a month into “down time.”

Sleepy, furry kitty! This photo was a total sneak-attack; Luna had no clue I was there, she was so tired.

I’ve started burning some candles again, not for their smell (in fact, most of my candles are non-scented except for the occasional light vanilla) but for the nice ambiance they bring to my little space. The closest thing to a fireplace I’ll have here at Copper!

The snow sure has disappeared a lot faster down in the valley.

The Woodard boys! I did a quick baby photo shoot today, and big brother hopped in for a few smiles too!

I’ve been relying more and more on my morning drinks, even the occasional coffee! It sure makes a difference for early morning drives, or after a late night of editing. I still love my Keurig, too, even if I don’t use it every day. Such a nice little treat, and I haven’t been to a coffee shop in quite some time now!

This is the first chapel wedding I’ve shot in a while, and it was pretty tricky. A cloudy/rainy day made for ever-changing light inside and out. I really liked the simple outline of this image, and the aisle floor has a nice glow.


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