> Week 19


May 6 – May 12

I had the the privilege of shooting Ben & Jenny’s wedding today at Chatfield Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my absolute favorite venues to shoot, and the two were so adorable together. This porch shot is my favorite – I love the screen and the ceiling, the whole mood just fit right!

A rainy day in the highlands. Makes for a cool landscape, though. I love this kind of weather; you can see so far, and tell where it’s raining (or snowing) and where it’s still clear.

I miss Jack’s Bar right now. Just next door, Jack’s is the main cafeteria in Center Village and has a great bar that overlooks the halfpipe and American Eagle lift.

Another walk west of Copper, following the creek. I felt like trying an old-time style with this shot; if only the bike path were dirt/mud… the Wild, Wild West!

The clouds over Keystone tonight were spectacular. Storms surrounded Summit County, but didn’t fall directly on Silverthorne. I made a “painting” style photo for this one; the colors and shapes were really what stuck out.

How quickly the weather changes in the mountains. Sometimes I still forget this. Here is a shot of the low visibility during a quick snow shower in the High Country. Just as pretty as any sunny day, I say.

Ok, I’m ready for some more Colorado Sunshine. The weather makes me think of mud season. Wait, it technically IS mud season still… Either way, the sun is gone and I’m not thrilled.


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