> Week 18


April 29 – May 5

Another morning walk, beautiful light and awesome colors!

I like the clouds and the lonely tree. I think I saw seven different planes on my walk today; I didn’t realize how busy our sky was here!

The smell of pines in the summer is one of the best things about walking and hiking in the mountains. It always smells like Christmas (well, at least like the holidays pre-fake tree!).

So pretty. I don’t know what these plants are called, but they start out with bright yellow branches in the Spring, and slowly the buds start to bloom and the color disappears. So nice backlit in the early light.

Look at all the houses on the “hill!” They look miniature way up there. What a beautiful, blue sky Spring day!

Awesome shot through a window at Alpinista at Copper. There’s nothing like late afternoon light (and early morning light).

River rock plays into a lot of the architecture here. This is just outside my building on the pillars in front.


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