> Week 17


April 22 – April 28

I shot my first wedding of the summer season today down in Denver! Check out the full blog on Cara & Andrew’s wedding.

Happy One Year Birthday, Avery!! I joined Avery and her group of family and friends at the Denver Zoo today. She really liked her green cupcake. A lot.

The rivers and creeks are definitely flowing again, and fast. But some snow and ice still hangs around in the shady spots.

This pretty kitty just makes me want to take a nap, too. She looks so cozy!

Early morning sun really makes some shots so much better. Last year, snow filled up this bridge to the absolute top, and people could only ski or ride over it to get across!

Mini water falls are easy to find along the creek running through Copper. It’s really very peaceful to sit by the creek in the summer, and just listen to… well, just the water, since nobody else is around!

Just a small dusting at the peaks this morning, which will be gone by mid-day. Have I mentioned how much the mountains change day to day, and hour to hour? One of the many reasons I love them.


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