> Week 16

April 15 – April 21

I love wood fences like this one. And as the snow melts, ground underneath starts to peak out again.

Dusted mountain tops today remind me that it still is “winter” here, though it’s been warming up so quickly during the day that it’s easy to feel like spring really is here.

Goodbye, SRS, we shall meet again in October! Hello, Mud Season.

Look at the cats! Snow Cats! I will miss seeing their lights floating somewhere on the mountain late into the night.

I spent the day shooting ski masks and balaclavas for PhunkshunWear today. Here’s an idea of my makeshift mini studio. View their awesome products at http://www.phunkshunwear.com/.

Winter at Copper is officially over. The umbrellas at Endo’s patio are down. I didn’t see one person as I walked around the village today. I’ve gotta say, I didn’t mind it that much, for now at least…

The pond is being drained slowly, but water from the fountain looks like it’s still pouring over and freezing. This just looked so cool! The village is getting ready to start building platforms for the new zip line this summer; I can only imagine that’s why the water is draining.


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