> Week 15


April 8 – April 14

Another “at work” shot here. The first ever CopperMan race is coming up on the 14th, and the participants get goodie bags like these. I should’ve gotten a shot of one of the sides; it has a long list of “happy things,” the end of which ends with Coca Cola. Clever.

Mmmm… I made a walnut and herb-encrusted baked goat cheese salad, one of my favorites!

Empty seats on the plaza at Copper. Just five days left of the season, but it already feels like it’s over!

Sometimes it’s still hard to believe that I can see views like this from I-70 practically every day. I really like how this view is never the same from day to day, hour to hour.

I was feeling festive for Easter so I went out and bought a couple different flowers to make a small arrangement. Not to shabby, eh?

A light dusting of snow greeted us this morning. It made me happy. So I drew a face. I wonder if anyone else saw it?

A bit more snow stuck around this morning, barely covering the pines. That’s the “powdered sugar” effect I like so much!


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